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cat whiskers plant

Looking for an attractive yet easy-to-grow plant for your garden? This herbaceous perennial might be the purr-fect choice for you. The cat whiskers plant as its name suggests, features elegant blooms that resemble the long whiskers of a cat.

A relative to mint this plant is native to China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia. Cat whiskers plant care is easy and therefore, this plant is recommended for beginners or novice gardeners. So, let’s explore how you can grow and care for this amazing plant.

What is a Cat Whiskers Plant?

Cat whiskers plant is a member of the mint family and is known for its showy white blooms and shiny dark-green leaves. The long, snowy white stamens of the flower resemble the whiskers of a cat, which is how this plant got its name.

The spikes of flowers are a great source of nectar for hummingbirds and butterflies making your garden pollinator-friendly. This upright plant can reach heights of up to 2 feet upon maturing and spread wider. Moreover, the cat whisker plant blooms all summer long. In tropical regions, this plant can grow up to 4 feet in height and also bloom all year round.

Cat Whiskers Plant Care

The cat whisker plant is an easy-to-care plant that grows well with moderate levels of feeding and watering. Let’s take a look at other factors that are involved in taking care of this plant-


Cat whiskers plant can survive in partial shade but to help the plant produce profuse blooms it is recommended to grow these plants in full sun.


This plant should be watered regularly until established. Once established only moderate watering is sufficient for these plants making sure that they won’t experience any periods of drought. If grown in a pot this plant might require more frequent watering as container soil dries out faster.

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Use a well-draining soil mix with a neutral pH. For potted plants use a good potting mix and container with drainage holes.

Temperature and Humidity

Since this plant is native to tropical environments, it prefers warm and humid conditions and is not a cold-tolerant plant. Warm and humid conditions promote flower production and you’ll get to see fresh flowers appear on new growth each spring.


If you are using good-quality soil no additional fertilization is needed for this plant. However, to increase the production of blooms you can a balanced fertilizer during the growing season. Fertilization is usually recommended for container-grown plants.

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Remove spent blooms during the growing season. To encourage fresh blooms, prune the stems back one-third before spring. Remove the dead foliage in the colder temperatures to keep the plant clean and pest-free.

Common Problems with Cat Whiskers Plant

The cat whiskers plant is not prone to any serious plant disease or pest problems. However, you need to clean your plant to prevent the growth of weeds and ensure good air circulation and humidity around the plant.

Moreover, you need to keep in mind that some parts of this plant are toxic if digested.

How to propagate the Cat Whiskers Plant?

There are many ways to propagate the cat whiskers plant and grow more of these beautiful plants. One easy way is to collect the flower seeds in the fall and wait for the growing season to plant them.

Other than this you can also grow this plant from stem cuttings. Select a fresh stem with a bunch of healthy leaves. Clear lower leaves from the stem by cutting them just above the leaf node, maintaining a few leaves on the top. Place the cutting in a glass of water or moist potting soil. After a few days, the root should start to develop and then you can transplant the cutting in a pot with a well-draining soil mix.


The Cat Whiskers Plant is truly a special specimen and if grown right this plant can create a beautiful and attractive display in any indoor or outdoor garden. So make sure to add these amazing plants to your collection and improve your plant care knowledge.


How to get the Cat Whiskers Plant to bloom?

To get cat whiskers plants to bloom easily place them in a sunny place where they receive 8 hours of sunlight daily. Remove spent blooms to encourage fresh growth.

Are there any medicinal benefits of the Cat Whiskers Plant?

The cat whiskers plant has anti-hypertensive, diuretic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory qualities and therefore is used in many medicines. However, make sure not to consume this plant as some parts of the plant can be toxic on direct ingestion.

Is the Cat Whiskers Plant care difficult?

No, if provided with basic needs the cat whiskers plant care is really easy.

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