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flowering shrubs

Unlike other shrubs, Flowering Shrubs can bring a pop of color to your gardens. These woody plants can not only improve the appearance of your garden but can also help you decorate your home with their cut flowers.

Moreover, these plants are also pollinator-friendly and just like other shrubs these flowering shrubs also create privacy around your garden. And, these shrubs with flowers bloom during different seasons depending on the variety.

So, get ready to improve the appearance of your garden with this list of the best flowering shrubs that you can grow easily.

Benefits Of Flowering Shrubs

flowering shrubs

Flowering shrubs can be very beneficial for your gardens in these ways –

  • Aesthetic Appeal – Shrubs with flowers add vibrancy and unique textures to gardens. These plants can be used to decorate a garden in many ways. Moreover, many flowering shrubs also have fragrant flowers that further contribute to a beautiful garden setup.
  • Pollinator-friendly – Flowering shrubs are a good source of nectar for many beings such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, making them extremely pollinator-friendly plants. So, if you are a wildlife enthusiast you should grow these plants to spot various animals.
  • Privacy – Having a garden with shrubs at its border creates a lot of privacy for your home. Though you can create privacy using various methods, flowering shrubs are one of the best options because they not only do that but also improve the appearance of your garden.
  • Low-Maintenance –  Shrubs with flowers are also easy to grow and require very little maintenance. So, even a novice gardener can also grow them.
  • Cut Flowers – One of the most useful aspects of flowering shrubs is that their blooms can be used as cut flowers. You can decorate not only your garden but also your home with these cut flowers in vases, pots, or any other place. Moreover, many shrubs bloom more when their blooms are cut.

How To Choose The Right Flowering Shrubs?

Many factors are involved in choosing the right flowering shrubs that fit your garden perfectly. Though these criteria can vary based on individual needs, here are some common factors that you should consider while choosing shrubs with flowers-

  • Local Climate – For selecting any plant for your garden the main and most important factor to consider is your local climate. Not every plant can survive in your local climatic conditions. Therefore, you need to consider and choose only the plants that can survive in those conditions and won’t require you to work a lot for them to thrive.
  • Growth Habits – The growth habits of flowering shrubs can vary based on the plant species. So, you’ll need to select the plants based on the free space in your garden as you can’t stuff large plants into compact spaces.
  • Basic Plant Care – Another important factor to consider is the basic plant care needs of the flowering shrubs you want to grow. Even though these shrubs with flowers are low-maintenance, some of them can still be very specific for basic needs such as watering, sunlight, temperature, humidity, etc. So make sure to be prepared in advance to fulfill the demands of such plants.
  • Appearance & Theme – Lastly, you should also consider the appearance of the flowering shrubs and if they fit well with the theme of your garden. Choosing plants that look well together is also important if you are looking to improve the overall appeal of your garden.

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Best Flowering Shrubs

1. Lilacs

flowering shrubs - lilac

These flowering shrubs are known for their vibrant and fragrant blooms. The flowers come in various shades of purple, pink, white, and dark red. Different varieties of Lilac can be grown as either shrubs or small trees. Some smaller varieties can also be grown in pots. These are low-maintenance shrubs with flowers but can benefit from annual pruning, good air circulation, and thrive in a sunny location.

Bloom Time –  Late Spring to Early Summer.

2. Hydrangeas

flowering shrubs hydrangeas

The large bunch of flowers that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, makes Hydrangeas one of the most classic and loved flowering shrubs. The showy flowers of these shrubs come in shades of pink, blue, white, and many more. These plants bloom for weeks and can be grown as hedges to create an accent in the garden or pots. Hydrangeas are generally low-maintenance, however, they need regular watering.

Bloom Time – Mid-Summer to Early Fall.

3. Gardenias

flowering shrubs gardenias

These flowering shrubs can also be grown as indoor flowering plants. The fragrant white blooms create an enchanting presence in any setup they are grown in. Moreover, the flowers and dark green foliage make great cut flowers in vases. These evergreen shrubs bloom for a long time and are generally low maintenance and they thrive in partial shade.

Bloom Time – Late Spring to Early Summer.

4. Roses

flowering shrubs roses

What better option for a shrub that can be used as cut flowers other than roses? Rosebush is one of the most loved plants because of the unique shapes of blooms, variety of colors, and long bloom time, and some varieties of these plants also have scented blooms. Rose shrubs are easy to grow and perfect for decorating your garden. Moreover, some varieties of these flowering shrubs are disease-resistant and cold-hardy.

Bloom Time – Spring to Fall.

5. Hibiscus

flowering shrubs hibiscus

The lush green foliage and vibrant flowers of hibiscus that come in a variety of colors are sure to improve the appearance of your garden easily. These flowering shrubs can thrive in both full sun and partial shade. The Hibiscus family has a variety of different plants each offering something unique. However, these varieties are very easy to care for.

Bloom Time – Summer to Fall.

6. Camellia

flowering shrubs camelia

The flowers of these evergreen shrubs bloom from late winter to early summer when all other plants go through their dormant period. So, these are the perfect plants for a winter garden. The rose-like flowers of camelia come in shades of pink, white, and red. These flowers also attract many pollinators during the colder months as food is scarce. The thick foliage of these evergreen shrubs is also great for creating barriers and privacy in your garden.

Bloom Time – Late Winter to Early Summer.

7. Butterfly Bush

flowering shrubs butterfly bush

Buddleia also known as the Butterfly bush is a magnet to butterflies as the name suggests. The beautiful cluster of flowers comes in a variety of colors such as pink, white, and yellow. These fast-growing shrubs have lilac-like blooms and grow best in a sunny spot and well-drained soil. Moreover, the smaller varieties of these flowering shrubs can be grown in pots. The clustered arches of flowers can also make great cut flowers for vases, bouquets, and more.

Bloom Time – Mid-Summer to Fall.

8. Forsythia

flowering shrubs forsythia

The bright yellow blooms of these shrubs with flowers are produced even before the foliage as winter ends. These fast-growing and low-maintenance shrubs come in two varieties – the old one with tall and aggressive growth and the new one with more compact growth that is perfect for small gardens. And when not blooming this deciduous shrub brightens up the garden with its dense foliage.

Bloom Time – Late Winter to Early Spring.

9. Honeysuckle

flowering shrubs honeysuckle

The scented and beautiful blooms of these flowering shrubs attract many pollinators and hummingbirds. These hardy shrubs come in many varieties, however, be careful while selecting as some of these varieties are invasive. The tubular flowers of these shrubs come in many colors such as white, pink, yellow, and red.

Bloom Time – Late Spring to Mid-Summer.

10. Ninebark

flowering shrubs honeysuckle

These shrubs with flowers produce beautiful clusters of tiny white or pink flowers and attractive dark burgundy or bronze-colored foliage. These flowering shrubs are fast growers and can grow large so, you’ll need to make enough space for them. Moreover, the blooms can be used indoors in vases as cut flowers. Ninebark can be grown to give an accent to borders as the beautiful foliage creates a beautiful display all year round.

Bloom Time – Mid to Late spring.

11. Caryopteris

flowering shrubs caryopteris

Also known as Bluebeard, these flowering shrubs are cherished for their attractive deep blue-colored blooms. These sun-loving plants attract many pollinators and they bloom in late summer when most other plants enter their dormant period. The gray-green leaves with silvery undersides also add to the vibrancy of these plants. These are small shrubs and don’t grow more than 3 feet, however, they produce many flowers that can be used as cut flowers.

Bloom Time – Late Summer to Early Fall.

12. Flowering Quince

flowering quince shrubs

These flowering shrubs bloom very early in the spring and are highly adaptable plants. These plants are very easy to care for as they can tolerate heat and dry conditions. Flowering quince are perfect for hedges or barriers in the yard. The beautiful peach, or orange-colored flowers are sure to create an attractive display in your gardens.

Bloom Time – Late Winter to Early Spring.

13. Weigela

flowering shrubs weigela

The funnel-shaped flowers of these shrubs are loved by many pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Weigelas are very easy to grow and look great in a mixed border. The light to dark green foliage of these flowering shrubs also creates a beautiful backdrop. These plants can survive in both full sun and partial shade. You can select from a variety of Weigela plants as each one comes with unique foliage with different colors.

Bloom Time – Late Spring to Summer.

14. Spirea

flowering shrubs spirea

The long-lasting cluster of red, white, or pink flowers of Spirea make them one of the best flowering shrubs for garden beds and borders. These plants are low-maintenance and can maintain their mounded shape without much pruning. These hardy shrubs attract many pollinators and are resistant to deer. You can use these shrubs as low hedges in mixed borders.

Bloom Time – Throughout the Summer.

15. Abelia

flowering shrubs abelia

These easy-care and shade-tolerant shrubs with flowers produce beautiful purple, pink, or peach-colored bell-shaped blooms. Moreover, the jasmine-like scent of these plants attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Abelias are also known as the bee bush as they are highly attractive to honeybees and bumblebees. These flowering shrubs are great for hedges or can be used in mixed borders.

Bloom Time – Early Summer to Autumn.

Care Tips For Flowering Shrubs

Most flowering shrubs are low-maintenance and don’t need much care. However, there are some common basic necessities that you need to make sure of –

  • Watering – Newly planted shrubs should be watered regularly until they are established. After that, you’ll need to water these plants during dry periods.
  • Sunlight – Specific sunlight requirements of each flowering shrub depend on the variety of plants. However, make sure that these plants get ample sunlight to produce large quantities of flowers.
  • Pest & Disease Management – Regularly check your plants for any signs of pests and diseases. Make sure to provide good air circulation to the plants. Use insecticides such as neem oil to treat pest infestation.

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Flowering shrubs are the best choice for any garden as they are very easy to grow and improve the overall appearance of the garden. These plants are a long-term investment as they live for years and when not in bloom their evergreen foliage keeps on beautifying the surrounding. So make sure to add these beautiful shrubs with flowers to your list.

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