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indoor gardening

If you are just starting to try indoor gardening, you have come to the right place for all the indoor gardening tips and help you need on this exciting journey. Indoor gardening is a practice that enables you to grow selected plant species inside rather than outside of your house.

Indoor gardening provides a fun hobby and you can quickly and comfortably grow many edible plants at home. You don’t need a big yard or garden to grow plants.

You can easily grow plants at your home according to the need and the space available. And, in this article, we discuss some indoor gardening tips for beginners.

Why Choose Indoor Gardening?

Indoor gardening has many benefits from air purification to beautification, and stress relief. Indoor gardening enables you to grow several edible plants easily. If you are unable to provide a lot of time and care for your plants then indoor gardening is the best option for you.

Indoor gardening lets you enjoy fresh produce all year round. It is low cost and maintenance and is perfect for urban households. Though it can be tricky at first but once you get used to it you’ll be able to enjoy it very much.

Indoor Gardening Tips

All indoor plants have different requirements but most of them are common and require the same care. So here are some indoor gardening tips that will help you with indoor gardening-

Choose the right plant

indoor gardening

It is very important to choose the right plant for indoor gardening. Factors such as the availability of space play an important role in selecting the right plant for your house.

Thorough research about the plants (light, water, and nutrition) needs to be done to select the best plant for your house. An ideal plant would not only thrive under the right conditions but will also provide all the benefits it can.

Though there are some tough plants that can survive varying indoor conditions such as – Snake plants, Zebra plants, Parlor palms, etc.

Get to know about plant needs

indoor gardening

You should have a good knowledge of the plants that you decided to grow. Every plant has different water, nutrition, light, etc needs. It is important to know the preferences of the plant for an ideal and healthy growth.

The diversity of the plant world is very vast. And though every plant’s basic necessities are the same their quantity may differ. It is essential to read the tag that comes along with your plant and a little searching on your own is also a good idea.

But there are also some low-maintenance indoor plants that don’t require much care such as – the ZZ plant, Haworthia, Dumb Cane, etc.

Maintain a stable environment

One of the most amazing things about indoor gardening is that you can control certain aspects that are impossible to control while growing outside. While growing indoors you can create a stable environment for your plants by providing consistent temperature, air circulation, humidity, light, etc.

These things are out of human control when growing outside. So by providing a stable surrounding you can ensure a healthy growth for your plant. Creating a constant environment is one of the most important indoor gardening tips.

Here are some indoor plants that are very adaptable to various environmental conditions – Spider plant, Devil’s Ivy, Dracaena, etc.

Disease / Pest Protection

indoor gardening

Protecting your plants from certain diseases and pests is another one of the indoor gardening tips. It is easy to identify any disease or pest system in indoor gardening as you are relatively closer to the plant.

Apart from a good potting mix, you should use fertilizers and pesticides to further protect plants from any disease or pest infections. For beginners, it is important to know the symptoms and solutions of any infection your plant might have.

If you are unable to give enough protection to the plants try growing some of these disease-resistant plants – ZZ plant, Ponytail Palm, and Cast Iron plant. Though these plants are generally immune to many diseases they still might get infected so a regular check is necessary.

Pick the right pot

indoor gardening

According to the size and growth of the plant you should select the right pot so that the lack of space won’t affect the growth of your plant. The width and depth of your part should be adequate to the plant’s needs.

Every pot provides all the things a plant needs but there are some that specialize in certain factors i.e. plastic containers can hold water much longer than others so they provide more humidity to the plants.

Here are some plants that are very adaptable in terms of pot requirements – Chinese Evergreen plants, Philodendron, Aloe vera, etc.

Use Fertilizers, but not too much

Every plant’s soil needs all the nutrients for healthy and complete growth. Though fertilizers are necessary for the plants you should keep a tab on the usage. Too much fertilizer use can affect a plant’s health and growth severely.

An indoor gardening tip for beginners should be to keep a regular check on the fertilizer usage and the type of fertilizer they are using for their plants. In general, it is better to under-fertilize than over-fertilize. This is one of the most overlooked indoor gardening tips.

Some indoor plants that do not require many fertilizers are – Peace lilies, Pothos, Yucca, etc.

Plan to Relocate

It is always a good idea to have a plan B and in the case of indoor gardening, it is recommended to relocate your plants if they are not thriving. Though there are many solutions to fix the problems with your plant growth you can always plan to relocate them as a last resort.

If your plant is not thriving in indoor conditions you may relocate them outside for a while to check if they are doing better. If not then there may be some other issues with your plant.

Some plants that can survive the shock of relocation are – Jade plants, Rubber plants, Boston ferns, etc.


So these are some indoor gardening tips for beginners who are planning to grow plants indoors. If you ensure these points you’ll be able to grow healthy and beautiful plants. For more indoor gardening tips and tricks like be sure to check out the Plantora app.

The Plantora app provides you with all the information needed to grow plants both indoors and outdoors. It also provides you with several guides, disease diagnosis, and symptom checkers for any problems you might be facing.

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