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For every plant lover, the joy of growing new plants and watching them flourish is an unmatchable feeling. But to achieve such a goal it takes real patience, time, effort, and most importantly knowledge about plant care and plant health.

Every plant lover wants to grow healthy and lush plants but not everyone possesses the knowledge about plant care and the long process of plant growth which forces most people to give up on their dreams.

And for such people, we bring the ultimate plant guide – The Plantora app. With the advancement in science and technology today we have a lot of tools and apps that can help anyone to embark on the journey of plant care and growth and among such apps is the Plantora app.

What is Plantora?

Plantora is a free-to-use plant identifier and plant care app. This app provides you with some of the best available features like a plant water calculator, plant guides, plant disease diagnosis, plant identification, and much more.

With Plantora’s vast database, you can identify any plant species by just using your phone’s camera and the app offers free and unlimited scans to every user. Along with the identification you get tons of other features like plant disease diagnosis, and plant guides.

The most intriguing thing about this app is that you get all the features in a single place with just a few clicks. And did I mention free-to-use? So let’s check out some features of this app that can help you with plant care-

Plant Guide

plant care

The Plantora app provides an encyclopedic level of information on every plant available in its database. You can get information like plant care, plant needs, plant disease and pest protection, and various data like plant water calculator, sunlight calculator, and soil calculator based on the species of your plant.

Each plant guide covers all the basic questions about plant care and also provides additional information for future reference. Some of the plant guides that the app provides are-

  • Watering Guide: Get a complete guide on plant watering techniques and levels.
  • Temperature Guide: Know at what temperatures each plant species thrive.
  • Sunlight Guide: Information on the sunlight requirements of each plant species.
  • Soil Guide: Soil type, composition, and pH levels for each plant species.
  • Fertilizing Guide: Fertilizer type and quantity required for every plant.
  • Repotting Guide: Know when and how to repot plants.
  • Pest Guide: Protect plants from different pest infestations.
  • Diseases Guide: Information on various plant diseases and their cures.
  • Humidity Guide: Prefered humidity levels of each plant species.
  • Sowing Guide: Correct time and procedure to sow different plant seeds.
  • Pruning Guide: Know how to control plant growth through selective pruning.
  • Harvesting Guide: Know when and how to harvest plants, especially edible plants.

Plant Calculators

plant care

For any plant lover, it is essential to know the right needs of their plants but it is a difficult task to research different plant care needs. Well, with the Plantora app, you can calculate all the different needs of your plant. Here are the plant calculators that the Plantora app provides –

  • Plant water calculator: Calculate the water needs of each plant.
  • Plant soil calculator: Calculate the soil type, composition, density, and acidic level for each plant species.
  • Plant sunlight calculator: Calculate the daily sunlight of different plant species.
  • Plant pot-size calculator: Know the correct pot size based on the size of your plant.
  • Plant fertilizer calculator: Calculate the right quantity of fertilizers for each plant species.
  • Plant lux meter: Measure the brightness of the light and its intensity on the plants.

Plant and Disease Identification

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As mentioned earlier the Plantora app helps you identify any plant by just snapping a few photos of the plant. With its database of over 10,000 plants and an upto 95% accuracy, you can easily rely on this app to provide you with trustworthy results.

Along with the plant identification you can also find out any disease that your plant might be suffering with. Plantora also features a symptom checker section where you can check any symptoms that you might have noticed in your plants of any possible pest and disease infection.

Through the Plantora app, you can check any plant disease and get its cure for timely treatment and prevention of any fatal damage to the plant.

Plant Care Reminders

plant care

Plantora lets you create a personalized section with all your saved plants and you can also create a daily schedule of plant care according to your plant needs and based on your lifestyle.

With this feature, you can set many reminders such as watering, misting, rotating, pruning, fertilizing, and repotting. This plant care app also lets you create notes and add photos of your plant along with reminders.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, the Plantora app is the only tool one needs for a better plant care and plant guide.

The amazing features of this app make it a one-stop solution for every plant problem. Features like plant identification, disease diagnosis, plant guide, and various calculators like plant water calculator help beginners and also professionals.

Plantora also provides an Ask the Expert section through which you can connect to a plant expert for any query that you might find difficult to understand in the app. To explore all of its features download the app for free today!

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