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annual flowers

Annual flowers are the one that completes their life cycle in one year but they do provide a beautiful and colorful display for your gardens for the most part of their lifecycle. Most annual flowers for gardens feature vibrantly colored blooms and come in a variety of shapes and sizes for you to choose from.

Most annual flowers only last a year but some may return in warm regions or reseed to produce new blooms for the following year. Some annual flowers for gardens also grow well indoors and can stay alive year-round. Annual flowers also cost less and are usually low-maintenance plants but need to be bought and planted each year.

What Are Annual Flowers?

annual flowers

An annual flower is one that completes its life cycle in one year and does not return for the next year. However, annual flowers are not easy to categorize as some might drop a lot of seeds and rejuvenate them as new plants. Some thought to be annual plants are actually tender perennials that can live longer if protected from frost. These plants are known as half-hardy annuals.

These flowers can be started by planting seeds indoors or outdoors, they can be bought individually or in trays known as cell packs with four to six cells each with a seedling. Annual flowers and annual plants are grown together by many planters as they create a display with maximum coloring. Now, let’s explore some amazing Annual Flowers for your gardens.

Here Are Some Top Annual Flowers


Zinnias are long-lasting annuals and offer a burst of color. These annual plants are easy to grow and come in many shapes and sizes. The small ones are perfect for edging while the large ones are a great choice for someone looking for vibrant blooms. Zinnias are sun-loving annual plants for the garden and prefer moisture in the environment Moreover, these plants can tolerate most soil conditions, and fertilizing them can result in more blooms.

Tips to grow Zinnia:

  • Plant them in a sunny spot.
  • Place taller varieties apart so they get good air circulation.
  • Also, water them regularly and aim at the base of the plant.
  • Deadhead flowers regularly to encourage new blooms.

Marigolds (Tagetes erecta):

annual flowers

Marigolds are popular for their pollinator-friendly nature and their companionship with fruits and vegetables as their scented blooms keep the pests away. These annual flowers are grown from early summer to winter. Marigolds are one of the preferred choices for hanging baskets, borders, and containers. These beautiful flowers feature uniquely shaped blooms that mostly come in shades of orange and yellow. The most commonly grown species of these annual flowers for gardens is the French Marigold which has lasting blooms.

Tips on growing Marigolds:

  • Marigolds prefer well-draining soil and require full sun.
  • Deadhead flowers to promote new blooms.
  • Furthermore, these annual flowers are drought-tolerant and generally low maintenance.

Snapdragon (Antirrhinum):

The two-lipped blooms of these annual flowers feature a mouth-like appearance and come in a variety of colors such as white, pink, violet, red, burgundy, yellow, and orange. Snapdragons produce long spikes of dense flowers that can grow 1 to 3 feet tall. These annual plants for gardens are also cherished for their scented flowers and foliage. Moreover, snapdragons love a little cooler temperatures and can even handle a little frost.

Tips on growing Snapdragons:

  • These plants do well in partial shade or full sun.
  • Use a well-draining soil mix for these plants.
  • Pinch back the plants to encourage more flowers and branching.


annual flowers

Pansies are famous winter-bedding plants as they love cool conditions and can’t tolerate heat. These annual plants will begin to fade away in summer. However, they are a sight to see in early spring before many other plants are set out. Pansies are fast-growing plants and feature heart-shaped blooms that overlap in colors such as white, purple, and yellow, and look like a happy face.

Tips on growing Pansies:

  • These plants can handle full sun but prefer partial shade.
  • Use well-draining and fertile soil.
  • These annual flowers for gardens can survive frost but it is better to provide shade during strong snowfall.

Sweet Pea (Lathyrus odoratus):

Sweet peas are famous climbing plants that look like orchids or butterflies. These annual flowers are strongly fragrant and can be seen in cottage gardens. Sweet peas reach 6 to 8 feet in height and produce multiple pink, lavender, white, red, and blue flowers in early summer and spring. These annual plants for gardens are perfect for trellises and their captivating aroma is a thing to incorporate into your gardens. But keep in mind that these plants are not pet-safe plants and are also toxic to humans.

Tips on growing Sweet Pea:

  • These plants prefer rich and well-draining soil.
  • Plant them in a full or partial sun.
  • You need to provide some support to these plants to help them climb.

Cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus):

annual flowers

Cosmos are tall annual plants that produce daisy-shaped blooms in colors such as lavender, pink, and white. Moreover, these plants can grow up to 6 feet tall and have fern-like foliage which sways in light wind. Cosmos makes excellent cut flowers and has been known to reseed when grown in the gardens. These annual plants are also pollinator-friendly and attract many pollinators to your gardens.

Tips on growing Cosmos:

  • Cosmos can tolerate many soil types. However, use a well-draining soil.
  • These annual flowers for gardens thrive in full sun.
  • Don’t overwater these plants as they can handle dry conditions.
  • Deadhead old blooms to encourage the production of new ones.


Dianthus also known as pinks or sweet William are beautiful annual flowers that consist of gray-green sword-like foliage and aromatic flowers that come in white, pink, and red colors. The blooms of these plants are either single or double and some have ragged edges. Modern varieties of these plants bloom from May to October. These plants are self-sowing and are also considered biennials in some regions.

Tips on growing Dianthus:

  • These annual flowers for gardens prefer partial to full sun.
  • Dianthus thrive in fertile and well-draining soil.
  • Water them only when the soil feels dry and fertilize them every couple of months.

Lantana (Lantana camara):

annual flowers

Even though these are shrubs, Lantana, are woody-stemmed plants that are used for covering grounds or in hanging baskets. These annual plants are fast-growers and produce aromatic leaves and clusters of small flowers that come in many colors like orange, pink, red, yellow, and purple often mixed on the same flowers. These plants are also pollinator-friendly but are toxic to pets.

Tips on growing Lantana:

  • Provide well-draining beds or containers.
  • Plant these annual flowers for gardens in full sun.
  • Once established these plants are drought-tolerant and require regular pruning to maintain their shape.


Nicotiana aka flowering tobacco are famous annual flowers known for their clusters of tubular and scented blooms that feature multi-branching stems. These plants rarely need any staking. Common colors include white, pale pink, violet, and in some varieties apple-green, red, or maroon flowers. These plants bloom until frost and can also be reseed for the following season.

Tips on growing Nicotiana:

  • Plant them in a well-draining and fertile soil mix.
  • Provide shade in hot climates and water regularly.


annual flowers

Salvia features tubular blossoms that are produced densely. These annual plants produce bold blue, purple, salmon, and white-colored blooms. Salvia are drought and heat-tolerant annual flowers for gardens that do well during midsummer heat. Even though these plants are pollinator-friendly many pests detest them. Moreover, these plants only reach 12 to 24 inches high.

Tips on growing Salvia:

  • Plant these in full sun.
  • These plants don’t need regular watering.
  • Prune some flowers to encourage bushier growth.


What Are The Advantages Of Planting Annual Flowers?

These flowers reach their optimal growth in a very short time and require minimal maintenance. Moreover, these plants are cheaper than perennial plants.

Can Annual Flowers And Annual Plants Grow In Every Soil and Sun Conditions?

In most cases, yes, many different varieties of annual flowers and plants can thrive in a range of soil types and lighting conditions which makes these plants easy to care for.

Do Annual Flowers Grow Well In Containers?

Yes, these flowers can do well in containers as long as they are provided with the necessary conditions and plant care.

What Are Some Famous Annual Flowers?

Annual flowers mostly include ornamental plants such as Marigolds, zinnia, pansies, and much more.


These are some of the annual flowers for gardens that you should grow if you are looking to add more charm and color to your gardens for a short period of time and without any extra effort. Annual plants are a great option to fill your gardens with a vibrant display of beautiful flowers that can be easily grown by beginners and experts.

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