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If you love taking care of your plants but are unable to due to a lack of information and support. Well then worry no more cause in this article we bring you the best plant care app you can find to support you in taking complete care of your plants.

Plantora is the best plant care app that will help you in becoming a plant care expert and keep your plants healthy and alive.

What is Plantora?

Plantora is a plant care app that provides a complete plant care guide in just a few taps. The app provides dozens of features that make gardening feel like a piece of cake.

Apart from this Plantora is a great plant identifier. With Plantora you can scan any plant and get complete data on the plant in just a few minutes. Plantora also has many tools that help you in keeping your plants evergreen.

So let’s take a look at some of the best features that the Plantora app provides-

Disease Diagnosis

Plantora provides a complete plant disease diagnosis that helps you identify any problem that your plant might be facing. Using the disease diagnosis is pretty easy and not only can you identify the disease but also get solutions for a healthy recovery of your plant.

Plants are delicate beings and need extra care especially if they are suffering from a disease. Knowing the cause and solutions of the problem is important, that’s why Plantora assists you at every step of your plant care.

Identify And Find Plants

Plantora is also a plant identification app that can identify over 10,000 plants with up to 95% accuracy using its scan feature. Just by using your phone’s camera, you can get all the details about any plant.

You can even save all the details in the “My Plant” section and get daily reminders of plant care.

With Plantora you get detailed data on any plant like – plant’s common and scientific names, a care guide that includes water, light, nutrients, and fertilizer requirements, and more.

Symptoms Checker

With this feature, you can check any symptoms or problems you are facing with any part of your plant. Plantora’s algorithm tells you the issue and its solutions. This feature is best to use when you are unsure of what could be the problem with your plant.

In just a few clicks you can get to the root cause of the problem and get the solutions. This is one of the best features that you can get in any plant care app.

Plant Calculators

Plantora provides tools like plant calculators that help you determine what’s best for your plant.

Tools like a water calculator tell how often and how much you should water your plants based on the plant species and pot size to avoid over and under-watering.

Similarly, the sunlight calculator determines the amount of light level that is best for your plant based on the plant’s species and time of the year. You can also use a soil calculator to decide what’s the best type of soil for your plant.

Other than these you also get a pot-size calculator that provides the right pot size for your plant and a fertilizer calculator that helps you in choosing the right type and amount of fertilizer based on your plant’s species.

Care Guide

Plantora provides a complete plant care guide section with all the information that you need to take care of your plant. That is why it is essential that you have a complete understanding of your plant before taking care of it.

Plantora takes care of all your questions about your plant by providing an extensive care guide at one stop.

Through the Plantora care guide, you can know the right watering levels, sunlight requirements, soil type, pest control, humidity level, temperature levels, and much more.

Personalized Care Reminders

Plantora helps you in setting personalized care reminders for your plants. You can set reminders according to your schedule and way of living.

With this feature, you can set reminders like watering, misting, repotting, and feeding schedules directly in the app and keep your plants healthy and alive.

Join Communities

As they say “We can do more together than we can do alone”. Plantora brings this idea to life by helping you connect to people who share the same love for plants as you.

Through Plantora you can join communities of many plant lovers and enthusiasts. You can also create your community and invite friends or family members to join you in building a healthy and green world.

Expert Advice

Plantora has a dedicated feature through which you can contact a plant expert if you find the help provided by the app confusing or difficult to understand. This feature will cost you a small fee. You can contact the plant experts via live email and resolve all your queries.

This is a rare feature in any plant care app. And that is why Plantora is regarded as the best plant care app that you can find.


Therefore for taking good care of your plants and getting the best out of your efforts, Plantora is the best plant care app that brings forth some of the best features that help in keeping your plants healthy and making you an expert in plant care. You can download this app for both Android and IOS.

Try all these features and more by downloading the Plantora app for free.

Best Plant Care App: Everything About Plantora
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Best Plant Care App: Everything About Plantora
Plantora is one of the best plant care available. This app provides all the features necessary for plant lovers such as plant calculators, plant disease diagnosis, plant symptom checker, and plant guide. On top of that this is a completely free to use app that give you unlimited plant identifications.
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