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black flowers

Flowers are the stars of the flora world. They come in a variety of shades and colours but among them are some (almost) black flowers which create an eerie yet dramatic display.

However, truly black flowers are very rare and most varieties are considered endangered so they are not the ideal choice for your gardens. Most flowers with “black blooms” available are just some with hues of deep red, blue, or purple.

Regardless these plants can be a great addition to your outdoor gardens so let’s explore some amazing (almost) black flowers that you can grow.

Bearded Iris:

black flowers

Iris are among some famous black flowers. These plants got their name due to fuzzy, beard-like lines that run along the flower petals. There are many varieties of these flowering perennials and among them ‘Before the Storm’ iris is considered one of the darkest ones due to its deep purple flowers.

Iris can easily create an eye-catching view with its black flowers that reside over green, sword-shaped foliage. Each stem can produce dozens of blooms which stay active throughout spring and early summer.

Bat Flower:

The bat flower is one of the most unique and strange-looking black flowers. The blooms of these plants are famous for their resemblance to a bat in flight. These plants do well in semi-tropical environments and the larger the blooms of bat flowers the healthier it is.

The plants will do well indoors or under a shaded area if you have enough space to support them. Furthermore, adding more to its resemblance with bats are these plants’ seedpods which look like small bat faces. Even though there are an amazing variety of black flowers to grow these plants can be challenging to grow for beginners.


black flowers

Usually known for their vibrant colourful blooms, some varieties of Petunia are famous for their almost black flowers such as petunia ‘black magic’. Although sold as bedding plants these annuals bloom from spring to early fall.

These plants can be grown in hanging baskets or containers and their blooms give a velvety touch with their bright green leaves. Moreover, these flowers love partial to full sun, and you need to water container-grown petunias once or twice daily. However, ground petunias can go weeks between watering, but you need to water them regularly during the hot season.

These plants are also pollinator-friendly and attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden.


Hollyhocks are classic garden plants famous for their ivory, pink, burgundy and lavender-shaded flowers. The Nigra variety of these plants showcases an alternative with their deep maroon flowers with velvet petals.

Hollyhocks are famously grown across wooden fences due to their long 8-foot stems. The almost black flowers of these plants can create a very attractive sight to see and they bloom from late spring to early summer. These plants thrive in a sunny spot with full sun and in a well-draining soil mix other than this their plant care is usually easy.


Tulips are famous ornamental plants known for their cup-shaped blooms and striking pink colours. Some varieties such as ‘black parrot’ and ‘The Queen of the Night‘ feature darkly shaded almost black flowers.

The queen of night variant produces deep-maroon blooms with sturdy green stems while the black parrot variant features trumpet-shaped deep purple blooms. Both variants are fairly easy to grow and care for. To create a distinct appearance incorporate other varieties of tulips featuring pink or yellow flowers with these dark-coloured flowers.

Persian Lily:

These perennial flowers are available in many colours however the most striking is the one with black flowers. The blooms of these plants are produced in a large number of over 20 flowers on a single spike.

Planting these black flowers in a large group makes them stand out. They have a spring bloom time which makes them perfect for creating an eye-catching display with their dark-coloured blooms among bright vibrantly coloured flowers.


black flowers

Roses are very famous plants and are considered a symbol of love and affection. The unique shape and variety of colours are some characteristics of these flowers. Among these varieties, some are lab-grown flowers.

Black roses aren’t truly black but are deep shades of purple. These are produced through a carefully performed floriculture process and also through selective breeding. So, these roses with the darkest shade of red give an almost black flower appearance. The most famous variety are ‘Black Baccara’ roses.


Dahlia are known for their beautiful symmetrical and pointing petals which come in an array of colours. Therefore, these plants are often used in cutting gardens and striking flower arrangements.

The ‘Black Satin’ variety of these plants is famous because of its deep burgundy to almost black flowers that bloom during the fall months. Dahlia is prized for their intricate floral arrangements.


These late-blooming plants will create a beautiful display in your gardens, especially in winter. The ‘New York Night’ variety of these perennial plants features dark purple to almost black flowers that are large and cup-shaped.

Moreover, the glossy green foliage of these plants stays the same throughout the year. These plants are hardy and can even survive in shaded and poor soil areas so they are a great addition for any desert-like faded patches in your garden.


Pansies are another ornamental plant cherished for their beautiful and vibrantly coloured flowers. Moreover, these hardy winter bedding plants are grown by many winter gardeners to enjoy their beautiful blooms in cold conditions when many other flowers wilt away.

Some varieties of these plants such as ‘Black Beauty’ have very dark purple blooms and when grown together they blend in to make a sight full of dark flowers. Moreover, these low-maintenance plants are perfect for beginners and they can even survive in minor frost. These plants can be used to fill ground bedding, pots, or hanging baskets.


Is there a Naturally Black Flower?

Naturally, black flowers are rare because many flowers have deep hue colours which makes them almost black. To create these hues the concentration of certain pigments needs to be high in a plant which is hard to achieve naturally.

Are Black Flowers Difficult To Grow?

Not necessarily, each plant has certain needs and preferences in which it thrives. The colour of its foliage does not affect its growing needs. However, some of these flowers might require some special care and maintenance to help them achieve their optimal growth and colour.

Are Black Flowers Rare?

Black flowers can be considered rare and difficult to find because there aren’t any naturally occurring black flowers. Flowers like black roses and many others are made by scientists through selective breeding and hybridization.

What Is The Darkest Flower?

While there are no criteria to determine which plant is the darkest, many cultivars and gardeners consider black petunia to be the darkest flowers due to their velvety and almost black flowers. These flowers are also associated with death by many due to their dark appearance.


Black flowers are a great addition to create a dramatic effect in your gardens and most of these plants are fairly easy to grow. The unique appearance of these plants can enhance the looks and appeal of your gardens and also improve your green thumb and knowledge of the world of flora. So make sure to incorporate these amazing plants into your plant list.

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