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ornamental plants

Ornamental plants are a great way to add life and vibrancy to your gardens. Any plants that you bought or are growing simply because of their shape, colour, fragrance, or design are ornamental plants.

These plants have many varieties and types such as flowering ornamental plants, vining ornamental plants, foliage-focused ornamental plants or succulents and cacti. So let’s explore these amazing plants and why you should grow them.

Why Should You Grow Ornamental Plants?

ornamental plants

The sole purpose of ornamental plants is to beautify the look and appeal of your gardens and create an eye-catching display. Moreover, these plants can bring fresh air and attract many pollinators making your garden bug-free and pollinator-friendly.

Furthermore, these plants are very easy to grow and can easily adapt to many conditions once you figure out the type of ornamental plants you want to grow and their various needs such as sunlight requirement, water requirement, soil type, and various other basic needs. So let’s explore various types of ornamental plants.

Flowering Ornamental Plants:

These plants display beautiful blooms with vibrant colours, shapes, and sizes which become the centre of attraction of the plants. Some famous varieties include-

Roses (Rosa rubiginosa):

ornamental plants

Everyone is familiar with the popularity of roses. These ornamental plants are famous for their unique shape and the array of colours they are available in such as shades of red, pink, white, and even black. These plants are regarded as symbols of love and affection and cna be grown easily at home if provided with basic needs such as regular pruning and watering.

Moreover, Roses are sure to create a beautiful and attractive display in your gardens and attract many pollinators.

Tulips (Tulipa spp.):

Tulips are another famous plant that is known for their beautiful blooms with intense and vibrant colours. These ornamental plants are very hardy and can survive in harsh conditions therefore, they are perfect for beginners.

Tulips bloom as soon as the threat of frost is gone and the temperature becomes much warmer. These plants love partial to full sun and thrive in such conditions. Their cup-shaped blooms and vibrant colours are sure to create a striking appearance.

Pansies (Viola x wittrockiana):

These are famous winter flowering plant varieties and are popularly used as winter bedding plants to improve the looks and quality of gardens in winter when most of the other plants wilt or die. Pansies feature delightful small blooms which come in many colours and also be grown in hanging baskets or pots.

Pansies are tough plants that can survive even in little frost however you need to regularly water and prune them to keep them clean and moisturised.

Orchids (Orchidaceae):

ornamental plants

Orchids are another famous plant that is mostly grown indoors. Orchid plant care is easy and they enhance the look of your indoor gardens. These ornamental plants come in many varieties and their care depends on the species of the plant.

Orchids feature beautiful blooms with different shapes and colours. Growing orchids indoors creates a calming and soothing environment which is just one of the benefits of these amazing plants.

Marigold (Tagetes erecta):

Marigolds are well-known flowering plants and many species of these ornamental plants can create a beautiful display for your gardens. Marigold produces unique flowers that come in many colours such as red, yellow, and orange.

Marigolds are low-maintenance plants but should be grown under full sun to help them reach optimal growth.

Foliage-Focused Ornamental Plants:

These plants create a beautiful and attractive display with their unique foliage.

Snake Plant (Dracaena trifasciata):

ornamental plants

Snake plants are famous indoor plants that are known for their unique sword-like foliage. These plants are among the best to purify indoor air and remove harmful toxins. However, this plant is toxic if ingested so you should take precautions while planting it.

These foliage-focused ornamental plants are sure to create a beautiful green display for your indoor gardens. Moreover, these plants are very low-maintenance and require very little plant care.

Dichondra Silver Falls (Dichondra argentea):

These foliage-focused ornamental plants create a unique cascading waterfall effect in your gardens. Dichondra have the ability to climb out of its container and its kidney-shaped leaves just seem to overflow.

These plants are perfect for hanging baskets or as bedding plants to cover empty spaces in the ground and it’s also helpful in choking out weeds. Dichondra creates a beautiful and aesthetic display with its unique foliage.

Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomioides):

ornamental plants

Money plants are famous indoor plants and have many varieties Among them is the Chinese money plant which is known for its unique rounded leaves. These indoor ornamental plants are small and attractive plants which are sometimes also referred to as pancake plants.

Chinese money plant produces small white flowers that bloom throughout spring. These plants require very minimal care just like many other money plant varieties.

String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus):

The string of pearls is another indoor ornamental plant and its appearance matches its name completely. The unique and striking foliage of these plants resembles a chain of pearls. Famously used as ground-covering plants these plants also produce small white and aromatic flowers.

String of pearls with their pea-shaped leaves and vining ability are perfect for any ground setting and also require less maintenance.

Rosemary (Salvia rosmarinus):

ornamental plants

These ornamental edible plants are used in various dishes and can provide a great flavourful supplement to your kitchen. Moreover, these plants have a sweet aroma and also produce beautiful blue flowers.

Rosemary is an easy-to-care plant and can be a great addition as an ornamental plant for your gardens.

Succulents and Cacti:

Succulents and cacti are great choices as ornamental plants because of their unique shapes and sizes and minimal plant care requirements.

Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis miller):

ornamental plants

Aloe vera is the most commonly known and grown indoor plant just like money plants. These succulents are very hardy and adaptable to any conditions they are grown. Aloe vera can be used as an ornamental plant due to its unique foliage.

These ornamental plants are also famous for their medicinal properties. The gel produced by aloe vera can treat many skin-related ailments and is also used in many beauty products.

Prickly Pear Cactus (Optunia):

ornamental plants

These ornamental desert plants can be easily grown at home. Prickly pear cactus can bring a desert-like feel to your gardens with their unique shape of foliage. Moreover, these hardy plants can easily survive in harsh conditions as they are used to it.

Prickly pear cacti also produce beautiful flowers and edible fruits which are also known as prickly fruits.

Agave (Agave americana):

This plant is a variety of Aloe plant and is commonly known as American aloe as it is native to Texas and Mexico. Agave features thick and fleshy foliage which is symmetrical and comes in shades of blue and grey.

These ornamental plants are perfect for ground covering and they require the same minimal care just like aloe plant care.

Vining Ornamental Plants:

Vining plants can be used to fill any surface such as walls and rails and to create a beautiful ornamental display.

Ivy Geraniums (Pelargonium peltatum):

ornamental plants

These vining ornamental plants add vibrant colours and fragrances to any surface they are grown. Ivy geraniums feature beautiful blooms that fill any place with an appealing display. Ivy geraniums are generally easy to care for but require regular pruning to keep the plant in shape.

These plants are perfect for hanging baskets, borders, walls, and railings.

Black-Eyed Susan Vine (Thunbergia alata):

Black-Eyed Susan is a famous flowering plant that is known for its big bright yellow flowers with dark centres that can easily catch anyone’s eye. The vining variety of these ornamental plants features the same characteristics.

The vines require low maintenance and are fast growers. You can combine them with other vines to encourage intertwining.


Ornamental plants are a great option to improve the aesthetic appeal of any garden and empty space. These plants create a beautiful display of vibrant colours which captivates everyone. Most of these plants are easily available and require less maintenance.

However, if you face any difficulties in taking care of these plants you can download Plantora-The Best Plant Care and Identification App. This app can help you identify any plant problem and provide you with a reliable solution to help you take better care of your greens. So make sure to check out this completely free-to-use plant care app!

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