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For every plant lover taking care of their plants is one of the most important tasks in daily life. But this task is never easy, even professionals sometimes miss out on a few things. However, one can become an expert in plant care through research, practice, and the help of a plant care app.

Research about the requirements of a particular plant is tiring. For that, we bring some of the best plant care apps that can help you take better care of your plant while simultaneously providing you tips and tricks to enhance your knowledge. So let’s check out these best plant care apps.

How To Select The Best Plant Care App?

To select the best plant care app you need to follow some criteria. These will help you to choose the best app based on different factors. Some of these criteria are-

Plant Database and Information:

A plant care app is useless if it does not have the information on the plant that the user wants. So it is better to choose an app that has a vast database of plants. This opens up the door to a better source of knowledge.

Plant Identification:

Plant identification is an important role of any plant care app. If the app is not able to recognize the plant itself then it can’t provide any details of plant care. Therefore plant identification is a crucial step of plant care.

Compatibility and Availability:

The best plant care app should be available on various devices and software for ease of access for users. Compatibility with different software systems and platforms is an advantage and is preferred among users.

Regular Updates and Customer Support:

An app that stays up-to-date shows that the developers are continuously working on providing a great user experience and improving the app.

Personalised Care Reminders:

The best plant care app is one that understands the needs of the users and works according to their schedule. Such apps provide a personalized section to users and let them create a routine that suits their needs.


Plantora is the best free plant care app available for everyone. This best plant care app provides a lot of features to the users for free such as plant calculators, plant disease diagnosis, plant care guides, plant symptom checkers, and of course plant identification. Apart from this Plantora also gives users an option to contact plant experts regarding any question for a small fee. This plant care app provides unlimited daily scans with a huge database that can easily recognize various trees, shrubs, flowers, succulents etc.

  • Unlimited daily scans with a vast plant database.
  • Free to use the app with no subscriptions.
  • Accurate and fast plant identifications.
  • An ad-free experience with a clean UI.
  • The app works well but is still in development so some users might feel lags.


plant care app

With an average rating of 4.8 and more than 68,000 reviews, Planta is the most popular plant care app in this list. Planta provides a ton of features to its users such as a light meter, personalised reminders, and access to Dr Planta – a plant care expert to help you answer any questions. On top of this, the app has an excellent and easy-to-use UI.

  • The UI is beautiful.
  • The app provides a discount on annual subscriptions.
  • Planta is a free-to-download app.
  • One of the most popular apps and can provide recommendations to beginners.
  • Most of the features of this app are available only in the premium version.
  • The monthly subscription to the app is very costly.
  • There is no offline feature.

Garden Answers

plant care app

This plant care app specializes in solving user problems and providing a relatively better solution. The app claims to have answered over 200,000 common plant-related questions. With just a simple snap users can identify any plant or any problem with their plants. Users can also search for any plant-related problem if the scan function fails to work. Other than that you can submit any question to get an answer from a trained botanist with a fee.

  • Simple UI that is easy to use.
  • Quick reply from plant experts regarding any questions.
  • Pretty accurate and quick results of plant scans.
  • Based on many reviews from users there are many bugs in the notifications and sign-in page of the app.
  • The plant database of the app needs some more information.
  • Way too many ads in the free version of the app.


plant care app

This plant care app is considered the most versatile of all. The app offers many gestures such as weather updates, plant care blogs, and a plant database of over 10,000 plants. The app is also integrated with Amazon to provide various offers and deals on gardening tools. With its plant scanner, Blossom can also identify diseases and provide relevant solutions.

  • The app offers a ton of features.
  • The blogs are really helpful and are constantly updated.
  • You can consult with botanists.
  • Users get only 3 identifications per day in the free version.
  • Most of the features are available in the premium version of the app.
  • The database of the app is good but it still fails to identify commercially grown and rare plants.


Vera is a free plant care app and provides great help to the ones who are looking to keep track of the growth of their plants. This app does not provide a lot of features, users have to add the progress themselves and the app does not provide any care tips. However, the app features many helpful blogs on plant care. Users can also create a schedule for themselves based on the progress of their plants.

  • The app is very easy to use without any distractions.
  • Vera is a free plant care app.
  • The app is not for beginners as it does not provide care tips.
  • Vera does not offer any plant identification features.
  • Users need to create an account to use the app.


These were some best plant care apps that are proven very helpful to many users in solving their plant-related problems. These plant care apps can provide a lot of help to many beginners and are fun to use even if you are a casual plant lover. Most of these apps are free and offer a lot of different features. So it is recommended to give a try to these apps and then decide which app is best suited for your needs.

Plant Care App: Top 5 Plant Care Apps
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Plant Care App: Top 5 Plant Care Apps
Taking care of plants is an important duty of every plant lover. However, this task is never easy and for beginners it can be very confusing and tiring. But with the help of plant care apps anyone can take care of their plants easily and ensure a healthy grow of the plants. There are many plant care apps available, all with different features, so we bring top 5 plant care apps for you to choose and incorporate in your plant care routine.
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