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Getting to know about the plants near us can be a very refreshing and fun hobby that makes you both a plant lover and an expert. But for many of us identifying each plant can be difficult as the world of flora is very vast and unique. For this problem, we have sorted some of the best free plant identifier apps that can help you with this amazing activity.

Plant identification can be easy for experts but for beginners, it can be challenging without the help of some plant identifier apps. Free plant identifier apps can help you accurately identify any plant species and provide you with all the information about the plant including its care, habitat, common plant diseases, and its various requirements. A free plant identifier app can help anyone become the plant expert they dreamed of and create a healthy relationship between humans and nature.

Why Plant Identification is Essential for Plant Lovers?

For any plant lover or gardener, it is important to identify the plants in their garden or the ones they want to cultivate. And to identify any plant accurately is a skill that only a few possess. That is why a free plant identifier app is the one you can seek out for. A plant identifier app can assist you with many tasks related to your plant along with plant identification. Some prominent benefits of a free plant identifier app are-

  • Plant Identification: A free plant identifier app can help you identify any plant species in the vast world of flora using photo recognition technology. It can accurately identify the plant and provide you with all the information about the plant.
  • Provide Key Knowledge: A plant identifier app usually provides a set of key information about the identified plant. It can range from common and scientific names to plant care, habitat, growing seasons, the origin of the plant, and much more.
  • Enhancing Gardening Experience: For beginner gardeners, a free plant identifier app can be a great help because it not just identifies plants but also suggests which one is best suited for both indoor and outdoor gardens. The app also provides gardening tips and tricks and some common practices that everyone should follow.
  • Awareness: Through a plant identifier app you can get information about endangered and extinct plant species and it can help you become more aware of the current situation of nature and how one can take a few steps in the right direction of environment conservation.

The New Era of Free Plant Identifier Apps

Plant identification really came a long way and has peaked with the advancement in technology and the use of AI. Back in the early 2000s, plant identification was just the task of some experts and botanists who used field guides and journals to record and analyze their data.

Then in the 2010s, several online platforms started emerging with features of providing web-based plant identification. Users can upload images on the website and a team of experts would identify the plant. Although this web-based recognition meant less research and fieldwork it still relied very much on humans and was not as efficient as the current automated technology.

With the advancement in machine learning algorithms, plant identifier apps have become more efficient and accurate in plant identification. They can now classify and identify plant species with much more accuracy and quickly. Free plant identifier apps have continued to evolve and come with the breakthrough of the integration of image recognition using AI and machine learning algorithms. With the widespread of smartphones, this integration helped users to get the identity of the plant in real-time.

Top features to look for in a Plant Identifier App:

A plant identifier app may offer tons of features but some of them are the important ones that you should look for while downloading the app. These features are the most used and relied upon by the user. These features include-

  • Ease of Use: Most of the users of free plant identifier apps are beginners or casual plant lovers so the app should be easy to use in terms of UI and app language. The use of complicated or technical language can make the app difficult to understand for many users.
  • Accuracy and Reliability: It goes without saying that a plant identifier app should have excellent accuracy and reliability. The whole credibility of the app relies on its capacity of identifying plants accurately. If the app continuously fails to identify plants its other features would also lose their functionality.
  • Vast Plant Database: For an accurate and fast identification the app should have a vast detail of plants. The bigger the database of the app the more easily and accurately it can identify plants and provide its users with additional information on the plants.
  • Extra Feature: Apart from plant identification it is not bad if you get some extra features from your plant identifier app. Many apps offer features like plant care, plant reminders, plant disease information, and much more.

Some Popular Free Plant Identifier Apps

Here is a list of some of the most popular and free plant identifier apps that you should definitely try out. Each app offers something different from the other so do good research before selecting the right app.

free plant identifier appPlantora

This plant identifier app is a complete package. It offers some of the best features in a single place. With this app, you can get encyclopedic knowledge about the identified plants and can also connect with plant experts to help you with any query.

  • It offers features like plant care guides, plant disease diagnosis, symptom checkers, plant calculators, personalized care reminders, and more.
  • This app has a large database with high accuracy in plant identification.
  • The app is completely free to use and offers unlimited daily identifications.
  • Some features of this app are still in development.

free plant identifier appPlantNet

This free plant identifier is one of the most famous apps. It has a vast database through which you can identify 20,000 species of plants. The app has at least 10 million downloads and is really liked by many users.

  • Worldwide plant identification.
  • Crowdsourced database.
  • Easy to use.
  • The UI is messy.
  • The results can be inaccurate sometimes.
  • Users need to sign up to get most of the features.

free plant identifier appPlant Snap

This plant identification app offers a very unique feature, this app is integrated with Snapchat and users can use the Snapchat camera to identify any plant. The app also teaches users some basic plant growth and care practices.

  • Highly accurate in plant identification.
  • Vast database of over 600,000 plant species.
  • For each download the creators of the app plant a tree.
  • Users only get 5 daily plant identifications.
  • Still does not beat the expert knowledge.

free plant identifier app Leaf Snap

This free plant identifier app specializes in tree identification and also provides a reminder feature for its users. It also has one of the most accurate identifications among other apps.

  • Easy-to-use and simple UI.
  • The app claims to identify 90% of all known plant species.
  • The app also works as a reminder app for plant care.
  • The app only recognizes trees correctly.
  • Most of the information on the app is sourced from Wikipedia.
  • There are too many ads in the app.

free plant identifier appGoogle Lens

With google lens, you can easily identify any plant and get google certified information about any plant. Google Lens is free to use and you can get unlimited identifications. It should be noted that google lens is not a dedicated plant identifier app.

  • Easily Identify any plant without too much clutter.
  • Free to use app with unlimited identification.
  • With each identification, you are contributing to Google’s AI learning.
  • The app is not as accurate as others.
  • You can’t get any other features like reminders and plant care.

How to fully utilize your Free Plant Identifier App?

There are many easy-to-use features of any plant identification app that might be tricky for some users but is easy to learn and can be utilized once you do. So here are some tips to help you get more out of your plant identification app-

  • Take a good amount of pictures of the plant you are trying to identify. Use different angles and close-up shots with better lighting.
  • Use features like care reminders to take better care of your plants. Such reminders help users to provide regular and consistent care of plants.
  • Many apps let users join various plant communities with like-minded members. Becoming a part of such groups helps you grow in your gardening journey.
  • Sometimes the plant identifications can be inaccurate, use these opportunities to learn and seek expert advice to refine your knowledge and understanding of the plants.

The Future of Plant Identification Apps

With the daily advancement in science and technology, many once-seemed-impossible tasks are now being done with just a few clicks. And with the integration of AI, the problem of identifying plants is child’s play. AI definitely revolutionized the future of plant identification apps.

With the integration of AI, plant identification is made very simple and accurate. Through each identification, the AI also learns and grows and improves its speed and accuracy. This continuous refinement leads to more precise and quick results.

Some AI systems used in most of the applications are able to learn over 300,000 classes of different plant species. This kind of database requires millions of image training as most of the plants look the same.

Many users can also use smart home devices like smart voice and display devices. Users can directly interact with these devices and can get answers to antsy questions. Smart devices provide a hands-free and seamless way to complete tasks such as plant care.

AI can also provide personalized recommendations and tips based on the specific plant species and many different factors such as locations, temperature, and growing conditions that can help users get better at plant care and gardening practices and improve plant health.

Frequently asked questions:

Are Free Plant Identifier Apps Accurate?

No free plant identifier app is 100% accurate, some misidentifications can occur especially in similar-looking plants. But thanks to the integration of AI the accuracy of these apps have significantly improved over the years. The accuracy also depends on the database of the app.

Can I use a Plant Identifier App offline?

Yes, many apps provide an offline feature through which you can download the database on your device for any time offline identification. However, the speed and functionality of the identification may be limited without any internet connection.

How do Plant Identifier apps work?

There are many steps involved in plant identification. First is the image capturing after that the app analyzes the image and focuses on the main features such as leaf shape, color, flowers, and many other distinguishing features. The algorithm then compares the image to the vast database of plant images. A list is then created with top-matching results and then displays the result to the user which is usually the closest resemblance to the image.

Are there any Limitations to using a Plant Identifier app?

Sure there are limitations of any device or a product of modern technology. With plant identifier apps one can face limitations in accuracy, reliability, and database. Apart from this lack of context and technology (internet) can be other limitations with such apps. Though despite these limitations plant identifier apps remain a user favorite one.

How can I contribute to the database of a plant identifier app?

By continuously using the app to identify different plants one can easily contribute to the database of any plant identifier app. Also by giving feedback the app can learn to further improve itself to better plant identifications. You can also check the respected guidelines of each app to know how to contribute.


Free identifier apps are truly worth trying if you are a plant lover and an enthusiast with the curiosity and dream of becoming a plant expert. Each plant identification app also grows with its user and works to improve itself so that the user can get the best result. Through these apps, you can also get additional features and information on various plant species and gardening tips that can help you with your green journey.

One should definitely give these apps a chance and share the experience with other plant lovers.

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